Hippie station supermatter

What is Space Station 13? Its an autistic shift-based roleplaying game based from a poorly coded atmospherics simulator with clowns Where do I get it

The Supermatter Crystal is the primary power source in most stations. A Supermatter Shard can be ordered from Cargo, which works the same way, but can be moved around. Its primary features are emitting tons of radiation, making everyone who could theoretically see it hallucinate, releasing hot oxygen and plasma, heating the air around, and exploding or creating singularity/tesla if you screw up. Space Station 13 serb is here niggers:byond:// BYOND:http://www.byond.com/download/We're using pizzacode so expect jank and probably a crash ...
About. Space Station 13 is an open source community-driven multiplayer simulation game. Set several centuries in the future, you will be playing a role on board a space station, ranging from bartender to engineer, janitor to scientist, or even captain. Why HippieNews.com? I liked the domain name. Simple enough? Next my curiosity moved to questions about what sort of news hippies might like, or what the news might look like if hippies actually took control (which, of course, they never did).

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What is Space Station 13? Space Station 13 is a paranoia-laden round-based roleplaying game set against the backdrop of a nonsensical, metal death trap masquerading as a space station, with charming spritework designed to represent the sci-fi setting and its dangerous undertones.

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Hippie station supermatter

Our Space Station 13 is running a slightly modified nu/tg/ code, if you're new to the game/codebase, I suggest you read this:https://tgstation13.org/wiki ...

Apr 03, 2019 · 2. if i overshot the supermatter and it blew up an hour later and killed an apprentice, i am still the one that killed them for being responsible for the event in the first place. whatever you did, however to be clear you did it, and it didn't gather the attention of medical and just because it didn't does not mean you are not responsible for ... Смотрите видео Quartermaster-Ss13 в высоком качестве. Space Station 13: Meth janitor, violent bartender and dumb quarter master
Engineering for main area, Power Equipment for the Supermatter and Power Storage areas, CE Private for his office Noteworthy contents: Two common hardsuits, power control modules, oxygen and plasma tank dispenser, a terminal for checking the station's APCs, a P.A.C.K.M.A.N.-type portable generator and four station's main SMES cells Clearance

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