How to tell who owns a utility pole

Apr 19, 2012 · In my area, the power company owns and maintains the poles., and they lease space to whomever else is on it. The bulk of the phone wire in the USA was installed by AT&T, and they lease it to other services. However, the bulk of the telephone wires are under ground and ALL of the fiber optic is underground.

Nov 22, 2017 · Judge rules against Metro, blocks Google Fiber-backed utility pole policy. In an order blocking the One Touch Make Ready policy on poles owned by AT&T, a federal judge has ruled the Google Fiber ...
However, no matter if it's intentional or not, or who owns the equipment, the pole owner is ultimately legally responsible for the utility pole and any issues the pole may cause. The solution to this problem is to take regular inventory of your utility poles and other field assets.

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1.27 "Pole" means a utility pole that is owned by NES that supports power lines or streetlights. Poles may be wood, steel, aluminum, or concrete. 1.28 "Pole Attachment" means each communications wire or line attached to a pole, including, but not limited to, cables and service drops. A span wire required to support an

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How to tell who owns a utility pole

MBI owns the middle mile assets which run to Town "anchor institutions"; MLP connects to middle mile at one location. There are two PoPs, one connected to the other, and one connected to the middle mile. Verizon and Eversource own poles used to mount fiber. MLP is licensed by the utilities to use the poles under a lease agreement. CAPEX Planning

Utility poles located in the alleys were handy for attaching one end of a laundry line, the other end secured from a back window, allowing cascades of clothes to wave and flap from each level of the triple-deckers. Alleys could also be nuisances, collecting trash and attracting illicit activities. Many people wonder whether the cables that are attached to power line poles and anchored into the ground hold electricity. These are called “guy wires” and are there to support the power pole, especially against the elements like wind or storms.
Dec 01, 2016 · Starting in December 2016, Seattle City Light will be supporting Advanced Metering services throughout the utility’s service territory by replacing existing utility poles with taller poles, which will host wireless utility data collection equipment. The new poles will be 70 feet tall, which is about 20 feet taller than the existing poles. and appurtenant facilities to the public service company's poles, subject to the conditions that the public service company not charge pole attachment fees for five years and that the public utility and telecommunication service provider equally share the costs of making the poles ready.” The law would be permissive

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Apr 10, 2018 · Scott Cornforth, a foreman with NextGen, installs a guy wire on a utility pole as part of the installation of the statewide middle-mile fiber-optic network called the Three Ring Binder, in 2012.

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