Moving a 2 post lift

My two post lifts are Danish built and heavy as all get out. I brought them home on my car trailer and moved them with a standard engine hoist. Make sure the engine hoist is on good flat concrete when moving those behemouths.

Atlas Auto Equipment stocks hundreds of 4 Post and 2 Post Car Lifts, as well as, Truck Lifts at our brick and mortar locations. The Atlas® Brand Car Lift will provide your Auto Service Shop with quality, value, durability and functionality for years to come. We also stock a wide variety of ATV, Single Post, Mid-Rise, Low-Rise, Specialty,...
Mar 04, 2019 · Testing And Complete Failure of a 10,000 lb. Two Post Car Lift - Duration: 3:58. Greg Smith Equipment Recommended for you A paternoster (/ ˈ p eɪ t ər ˈ n ɒ s t ər /, / ˈ p ɑː-/, or / ˈ p æ-/) or paternoster lift is a passenger elevator which consists of a chain of open compartments (each usually designed for two persons) that move slowly in a loop up and down inside a building without stopping. Passengers can step on or off at any floor they like.

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Raising, repairing, and rebuilding the foundation, then replacing it is much less expensive than moving your home to a new location where a new foundation has been built. On average, homeowners spend $12-$16 per square foot to move their entire house. However, other factors will come into play which could raise your overall service price.

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Moving a 2 post lift

In both baseplate and overhead two-post lifts, the lift arms are fixed to moving supports that travel up and down the posts. These arms can pivot and extend to allow for proper positioning at the front and rear of your vehicle for safe lifting.

Unlike 2-post lifts, which absolutely need to be bolted down, 4-post lifts disperse weight across a wider surface area and are engineered to lift vehicles with or without drop-in anchor bolts . The decision to bolt down a four-post lift or other parking lift is often based on personal preference, so here are a few things to consider.
Our Dannmar 2 post lifts have a proven design that was used by one of the top automotive lift manufacturers for years. And now, you can get them at a significant discount. If you are wary of those bargain lifts out there, but you don't have the budget to spend on one of those top name manufacturer's lifts, the Dannmar lift is a great compromise.

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1.1 Intended Use. This Two-Post Lift is suitable for lifting motor vehicles having a maximum total weight of 10,000 lbs. (SL 10,000 OH). It is necessary to respect the parameters given by the “LOAD DISTRIBUTION CHART” (as foreseen by standard, EN 1493/98) This Lift must only be used for which it is expressly designed.

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