Scd type 2 query in teradata

can anyone please help me with SCD type 2 query??? I can do the same with SSIS but i need this in a SQL Query please... I have a table like below Employee_ID Employee_Name Marital_Status DateField 111 aaa Single 2011/01/01 Recently employee 111 got married on 2012-03-01. But we want to store that information as type 2...So i need the output as....

Choose the attributes of SCD Type 2 dimensions judiciously In a typical implementation, SCD Type 2 tables preserve the history by means of adding new row to the table whenever a change happens. Because of this property, SCD type 2 tables tend to grow larger and larger day by day thereby degrading the performance.
How to Properly Load Slowly Changing Dimensions using T-SQL Merge One of the most compelling reasons to learn T-SQL Merge is that it performs Slowly Changing Dimension handling so well. This post is the fourth in a series called Have You Got the Urge to Merge? .

Teradata support Period datatype of elements types DATE, TIME and TIMESTAMP. It is possible that ending bound is not present for a period and this indicate that period is still active or on going. Can be effectively used for storing data as SCD(slowly changing dimention) type 2 with start data/time and end date/time.

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Scd type 2 query in teradata

Verify the overall run time of the SCD Type 2 process and match that to the acceptable run times by the business. This case is usually ignored by development and business teams but this is an important test which should be done to get the expected time line of the overall process run and completion and also the time taken for pulling the ...

May 04, 2018 ยท Expert Note: Implement Type 2 Slowly Changing Dimension (SCD) with additional Capture Time column . Scenario: In this example, the DBA has been asked to use HVR to replicate to a slowing changing dimension (SCD) table by adding an additional row to the target table anytime a row changes on the source, however they also want an additional column to be added to track when the change was captured. In-depth expertise in the Teradata cost based query optimizer, identified potential bottlenecks. Worked with PPI Teradata tables and was involved in Teradata specific SQL fine-tuning to increase performance of the overall ETL process. Implemented project using Agile software methodologies (scrum).
Using Query Builder Using Query Builder is an easy and convenient to build SQL statements in the Query window. 1 Open Query Builder by doing one of the following: Press F2. Select Help > Query Builder. Right-click in the Query Window and select Query Builder from the shortcut menu. 2 From the drop-down list, select a s...

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