Schmincke transparent orange

Mar 23, 2017 · Many of the Schmincke earth colours are mixtures, and their yellow ochre is the synthetic PY42 rather than the natural PY43, but it's a nice colour so would be a good yellow earth choice. The most beautiful burnt sienna (orange earth) option is Maroon Brown, which is made with the natural PBr7 burnt sienna pigment.

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MUSSINI - finest artists' resin-oil-colours from Schmincke, are unique artists' colours produced by means of a particularly sophisticated manufacturing process to meet the very highest requirements. It goes without saying that they contain only the best traditional artists' pigments together with several outstanding newly developed artists' pigments, each in the highest possible concentrations and in pure form.

AERO COLOR Professional jsou brilantní barvy s vysokou světlostálostí, vyvinuté speciálně pro airbrush. Stejně dobře jsou však použitelné pro tušová plnicí pera, vytahovací pera a štětce.

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Schmincke transparent orange

L’aquarelle extra-fine Horadam de Schmincke offre 110 teintes brillantes dont 69 nuances à base d’un seul pigment pour un résultat éclatant. Dotée d’une très haute résistance à la lumière après séchage, elle est facilement soluble par ré humidification. Format : demi-godet.

PO71 is found in Transparent Pyrrol Orange by Daniel Smith (shown); Transparent Orange (was Translucent Orange) by Schmincke (shown); Transparent Pyrrol Orange by QoR (shown). It is also found in Permanent Orange by Lukas and Orange Pyrrolo in MaimeriBlu (new range)
Transparent Orange - Schmincke Watercolor Paint, Transparent Orange, is a brilliant orange-red. Mixed with phthalo green soft, neutral grey tones are achieved. The intensive reddish character is ideal for mixtures of very light red tones. This paint comes in a 15 ml.

The increased use of highly lightfast pigments, such as Quinacridone and Perylene, offers completely new possibilities for the artist. 10 new red colours, 3 new one-pigment violet colours, 4 new black tones and 8 new brown colours, partly transparent like e.g. Transparent Ochre or Transparent Umber, have been added to the premium assortment.

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