Triple des 168 cbc with pkcs5 padding

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Regarding which algorithm to use, regular DES is only 56 bit key, so DESede (3DES) should be used over that. AES is a different algoritm and if your device doesnt support that you should not use it :) Regarding modes, CBC mode is the be perfeered over ECB since ECB is not safe.
DES is the previous "data encryption standard" from the seventies. Its key size is too short for proper security. The 56 effective bits can be brute-forced, and that has been done more than ten years ago. DES uses 64 bit blocks, which poses some potential issues when encrypting several gigabytes of data with the same key.

Block-sistemas de cifrado, tales como DES, 3DES y AES sólo pueden operar en bloques de bytes. DES y 3DES operar en bloque de 8 bytes y AES en bloques de 16 bytes. Para manejar esto, por lo general aplica un relleno reversible a su texto plano antes de encriptarlo. Principalmente será siempre "padding" PKCS (también llamado PKCS5 o relleno ...

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Triple des 168 cbc with pkcs5 padding

PKCS#5 padding is only defined for 8-byte block sizes. PKCS#7 padding would work for any block size from 2 to 255 bytes. AES is 128 bits (16 bytes). Hence, PKCS#5 padding can not be used for AES. PKCS#5 padding was only defined with (triple) DES operation in mind. This string sounds invalid for me. Should be: AES/CBC/PKCS7Padding

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3DES (Triple DES). Block size: 64 bits; key size: 112 or 168 bits. 3DES is a strengthening of DES introduced in 1998, because 56 bit keys had become feasible to brute force. 3DES is simply three DES encryptions with two different keys, for an effective 112 bit key; or with three different keys, for an effective 168 bit key. 求3DES加密算法(CBC模式,采用PKCS5-Padding填充方式) [问题点数:100分,结帖人hewei001]

求3DES加密算法(CBC模式,采用PKCS5-Padding填充方式) [问题点数:100分,结帖人hewei001]

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