Uv light not clearing pond

If you are a koi (or other fish) fanatic and want to have a crystal clear pond with lots of fish and few plants (because plants only hide the fish from view), then a UV light might be the only way to reach your goal. Why is that? Well, an exceptional density of fish in your pond comes with a high density of fish-poo as well.

Jun 29, 2010 · If you have a biofilter, you should not need a UV light. The biofilter grows healthy bacteria that keep the pond clear and clean. If you kill those bacteria with a UV light, they will not do what they are supposed to do. So either use the UV light or the biofilter not both. UV Clarifiers are excellent for clearing pond of algae at excellent prices and recommendation from William Tricker, Inc. ... Pondmaster® 10 WATT UV Light Clarifier ...
If you use a UV clarifier, we recommend keeping it away from your pond’s bio-filter or preferably using it with a mechanical filter instead for the best results. How UV Pond Filters Work. While Ionizers and Clarifiers do not actually filter anything, they do assist your current filter in destroying unwanted algae to keep your water crystal clear.

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Limitations in UV Water Systems Ultraviolet purification itself is not enough to purify water down to drinking water purposes. This is because the UV radiation is only effective for treating bacteria and viruses. UV light does not work to eliminate contaminants such as chlorine, heavy metals and VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds).

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Uv light not clearing pond

Ultraviolet lights are often used with a pond filter to kill pond algae. They work well at killing most algae and will keep the water crystal clear. The UV light is sealed off from the water and is installed as a part of a filter out of the water.

G25T8 / 05-1107-R is a 25 watt, 436 mm long ultraviolet lamp with a two pin double ended metal base. Replacement lamp for Biolux 25 Watt Strip Fixture. Jun 22, 2018 · And if you come up with a smart set up, let us know what you did. I came up with this method many years ago when we could not find a solution for my mom’s murky pond. It was pretty cool when, within a half hour of trying this, her pond finally started to clear and we could see the fish—and the bottom of the pond—again.
…a UV clarifier you will need to take your pond and pump size into account. If your pump is too large the particles will not be exposed to the UV radiation long enough to damage the cell walls. Another thing to keep in mind is that UV bulbs should be replaced yearly – even if they still light…

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There is an argument that if you have UV lights in your pond and still get green water algae, that your UV system might not actually work. So, it may not be worth it to turn it back on. Overall, regular doses of bacteria in your pond will be far more effective for ponds than UV lights in providing a biologically balanced pond.

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