Xresources font size

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Xresources is a user-level configuration dotfile, typically located at ~/.Xresources. It can be used to set X resources, which are configuration parameters for X client applications. Among other things they can be used to: configure terminal preferences (e.g. terminal colors) set DPI, anti-aliasing, hinting and other X font settings
Feb 21, 2011 · Choose a new font. I prefer the Small font. I want to change > the default font to Small so I don't have to reset the font every time I > open a new xterm. If you already have a .Xdefaults and/or a ./Xresources file in your home directory then you know what you are doing and do not need my suggestions. Basic infos. You will need xrdb to load parameters from your configuration files during your X Session.. Files ~/.Xresources and ~/.Xresources.d. Examples. Simple color theme. This color theme will be used by terminals, such as xterm and urxvt.

When using XLFD fonts, the first seven menu items will change the font face and the font size used in the current xterm window. If you are using an Xft font, only the font size will change, the font face will not change with the different selections, .

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Xresources font size

Hello all I am a new linux user (Redhat 7) and I am trying to learn how to operate the system. I have a couple problems one the font size for all windows withing the OS are too small and even though I found a couple places to configure font size I can't find where to change the font size for the... (2 Replies)

Dec 25, 2019 · Try adding a fallback font, like DejaVu Sans Mono, in your ~/.Xresources file: URxvt.font: xft:Hack Nerd Font Mono:style=Bold:size=12,xft:DejaVu Sans Mono (make sure that DejaVu Sans Mono is installed in your system first) Then run xrdb ~/.Xresources in a terminal window - it's needed for the changes to have effect - and re-open urxvt.
hi all, i log into an xterm with bash shell but the character size of the xterm shell is too small. how can i enlarge the size of text on this xterm bash shell? | The UNIX and Linux Forums In the Mandrake distribution it is the last line of the Xresources file. Playing with the value you'll notice the KDE fonts size (either in the splash screen) changing. gheist

To allow Vim to use these patched fonts to show symbols in powerline, we need to configure the terminal font (for Vim in terminal) or the font type for GVim. Vim in Terminal: iTerm2: change font to Roboto Mono for Powerline. URxvt: set the font by URxvt.font: xft:RobotoMono:size=11 in ~/.Xresources (remember to run xrdb .Xresources before ...

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